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So… I lost this Tumblr acc. on PC because Tumblr was a little shit and logged me out and now i can’t get it back. -Doesn’t remember pass for old email.- Wish Tumblr allowed people to change passwords or emails on the app. For now, I have a new acc. MYVIPMINSEOK. I know none of my followers will follow but I am frustrated. ;A;

I you’re a kpop blog; Exo, b.a.p, infinite, 2ne1, block b, b1a4, bts, please follow and I’ll follow back. MYVIPMINSEOK ;-;♡

Q: Talk about this member

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Bii can’t stand the taste of stinky tofu and spit it out immediately when he tried it on a show. He could only watch while everyone else happily ate it.

that eyebrow nudge

Bii’s 4 emotions

handsome boy;


nothing to do with happiness

just casually walking

Model Bii


Bii thinks he is too normal to be EXO Luhan’s doppelgänger


Bii facebook update: 我們在愛女生簽書會現場了,等一下還有寵愛女人節,到時候見^_^*

translation: We’re at Woman’s magazine fansign, there will be a love women event too, see you later ^_^*

I am Bii, 畢書盡